●  Hiring Insight  ●
     Predicts Job Candidate Work Habits

Predicts How Job Candidates
  Will Get Along with Others

Supports “Best Practices”
  HR Compliance Regulations

Launches Professional Advancement
  Program for Successful Candidates


Job Polish Clients Include:

Your Hiring Chrystal Ball

Multiple Research Studies support the old adage that “People are hired for their talent and fired for their behavior” and identify specific Interpersonal Skills and Work Habits that will help or hinder an employee’s chances for success in their job.



Plain Language Reports

Unlike our competitors, Job Polish Reports use common terminology and plain language to describe Interpersonal Skills and Work Habits, along with 1-page “At a Glance” layouts that make decision making quick and easy for hiring managers.



More Substantial Job Interviews

Review a summarized Report representing the answers to 200 pre-interview questions before every interview, to initiate meaningful discussions about their Interaction Style, Work Habits, and potential obstacles to their success in the proposed job position.


“Best Practices” Compliance

These discussions can occur without any perception of subjectivity or bias, because the hiring manager isn’t raising these concerns… “the report says it” along with glowing reports of the candidate’s personal strengths and Interaction Style.

Summarized Hiring Reports

Job Polish Hiring Insight Reports are very brief 2-page reports that provide an “At a Glance” overview on the front page, with 3 basic letter grades for quick reference, each of which are broken down on the back page into 24 separately graded Work Habits for more comprehensive review.

“Best Practices” Hiring Compliance

Job Polish Hiring Insight Reports provide an objective and uniform method of evaluating an applicant’s work habits and attitudes, based upon their own answers to the same questions that are asked of everyone, thus addressing any concerns about personal bias or preference.

Job Polish Professional Advancement

Online Questionnaire
Takes Less Than 1 Hour

Online Questionnaire is Accessed Online, from Anywhere

Brief but Comprehensive
2 Page Report

Simple 2-Page Report provides an “At-A-Glance” Assessment

More Meaningful
Job Interviews

Initiate meaningful discussions about obstacles to their success

Vastly Improved
Employee Retention

Hiring Insight prevents frustrating resignations and costly layoffs

Three Reports In One

Each Job Polish Professional Advancement Program Report assesses three different Roles for a given participant, including:

Productivity & Assistance
Presentation & Promotion
Management & Planning

Each of these broad Roles can be applied to determine suitability for many different job titles, including creative positions that might combine two of these Roles, or executive positions that might combine all three of the assessed Roles. Example job titles associated with each of the assessed Roles are presented in the right column:

Can be applied to any Job Position

Productivity & Assistance

 ♦ Skilled Labor
 ♦ Food or Hospitality Service
 ♦ Equipment Installation or Repair
 ♦ Customer Service or Tech Support

Presentation & Promotion

 ♦ Retail Sales or Prospecting
 ♦ Business to Business Sales
 ♦ Creative Writer or Marketer
 ♦ Education or Consulting

Management & Planning

 ♦ Foreman or Manager
 ♦ Business Executive
 ♦ R&D, Engineer or Sys Admin
 ♦ Director or Choreographer

Initial Enrollment:  $499.00

 ● Includes Job Polish Programs Manager Account

 + 12 Job Polish Report Credits

● Also includes all the other Wealth Gizmo

Enrollment Suite Systems and Software 

Additional Purchases

Job Polish Report Credits $49 each

Pre-purchased Credits are kept in your account for future use,
and are applied to obtain any of the Items listed below:

Hiring Insight Reports 1 Credit each

♦  Online Questionnaire
♦  2 Page Hiring Insight Report


Professional Advancement Program 2 Credits each

♦  Online Questionnaire
♦  20 Page Professional Advancement Report

Hiring Insight Upgrade 1 Credit

Upgrades a previously purchased Hiring Insight Report to a full 20 Page Professional Advancement Report so New Hires can start advancing


Career Upgrade Certification 2 Credits

Additional Online Training supercharges the Job Polish Program including 7 Effective Habits, TQM, and “The Secrets of Success”

Job Polish Quantity Discounts

●  Purchase 10 Credits and get 2 Free

●  Purchase 20 Credits and get 5 Free

●  Purchase 75 Credits and get 25 Free

I have not stopped raving about the eye-opening material presented by the Job Polish Program… While most professionals seem to think we have all the right skills to operate in our jobs, we become naive to some perceptions or habits we display with others. This program helps us to understand and improve those habits. The Professional Advancement Program Report gives you, down to the detail, one’s strengths and flaws that as an employee of a large company, one can use to better your leadership skills and get the raise you’re looking for.

Joe Spano

Assistant General Manager, House of Blues Boston

When I was in business school, one of my professors commented “if people weren’t diverse, we wouldn’t need managers.” My team is a talented group of six VERY diverse people… Job Polish gives us insights into our individual strengths and weaknesses. Unlike the traditional evaluations, the Job Polish program ALSO gives us ideas of how to manage BETWEEN team members. If we know WHY certain conflicts arise, we can move aggressively to work past them, resulting in a happier and more productive work environment.

David Edwards

President, Heron Financial Group

The Job Polish Program gave me some much needed insight into the deeper personalities of my team. The Program Reports were in depth, but easy to understand and leverage to improve interpersonal relations between staff, while increasing their output and improving their job satisfaction at the same time.

Adam Raugh

President, X-Laser LLC

Job Polish

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